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This special edition is a turnkey script that creates a stand alone site similar in idea and main feature to the popular chat roulette site.\nThe resulted site will not be an identical copy. Being based on 2 Way Video Chat - a professional 1 on 1 webcam chat solution, there are some important functional improvements. A turnkey site based on this script clearly stands out when comparing chat roulette clones and alternatives.\n\nCompare: Why is this script better than regular chat roulette clones?\n\n When direct P2P connection is not possible due to user network/firewall settings the streaming is done trough a flash media server. The site is available to users that canand#39;t connect on standard chat roulette sites because of their firewalls or internet providers.\n Big webcam panels on top of layout, because picture is whatand#39;s important on a webcam chat site.\n Sounds when other user enters, leaves and buzz button: very useful when user is waiting or chat window remains in background.\n Users have the option to login with Facebook and reserve their username on the website. This allows users to chat with their favourite username / nickname.\n Facebook application so facebook users can easily access it, share it and become fans.\n Webmasters can embed the chat interface on their websites contributing to the viral promotion of the website.\n Chat logs with webcam snapshots - great content for people to share with their friends (viral content, too). Logs can be commented (ajax).\n Advanced 2 way random chat filters based on Facebook profile: sex, location. Users can easily find people they search and avoid people they donand#39;t want to talk to. Filtering is done instantly both ways. This is a great plus compared to other systems where users waste time browsing trough people they donand#39;t really want to meet or have to wait for script to bounce unwanted users.\n Many chat roulette clones donand#39;t currently work fine and will never work on active production sites because of amateur developers. VideoWhisper is dedicated to developing and improving video communication projects, as it can be seen on this website. This means real support and further development from experts in this type of software.\n All chat roulette clones are based on Adobe Stratus, a free developer service which does not support big commercial projects - meaning most sites will not be able to generate direct revenue. Because the chat application implemented here also works with multiple popular RTMP servers, your site will function even if it turns into a big money generating commercial business and no RTMFP server will be available at that moment.\n Monetization: Include high conversion ads directly into the conversation. Also see AD in Chat , compatible advertisement management server for chat, that can serve niche online ppv model ads for chatroulette sites.Discount: 4 USD when buying from this link VideoWhisper.com

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