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Samsung Galaxy Young (Y) Duos как передавать файлы через bluetooth на самсунг галакси янг дуос

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So another Android hpone hits the market. This is the Samsung and is pretty much a standard 2.3.6 Android phone apart from the fact that it comes with Dual sim. The telephone is available sim free for a tad under 200euro and comes in various colours. GPS, wi-fi enabled and with a 3mpix camera its all what you expect from Samsung. Released at the same time as the Galaxy Young Pro which looks like an old Windows Phone with Android inside so also something not special as it goes. HSDPA, Quad Band, Memory Card support to 32GB its all on board. There is nothing there to make any WOW or Gosh factor but if you want a phone to be a phone, kilos of apps for free, skype, viber and the like with the advantage of dual sim. Then sure this is something to add onto the wish list.

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